Westside is “A Family to Lean On.”


estside Children’s Therapy is a privately owned clinic that provides quality therapeutic intervention to children with developmental disabilities. We understand the challenges our families face and therefore strive to become “A Family to Lean On” through that difficult process. Our efforts begin with providing quality therapy with a long-term focus, never compromising for short-term results that do not extend through adulthood. This is the core philosophy of clinic owner Shari Cassidy, who has been providing evidenced-based care and ethical practices for over 30 years.




Our Services

Childrens Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Helps children maximize their physical abilities and minimize their physical limitations for long-term results.

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Occupational Therapy

Teaches children the functional skills needed for independence in play, motor skills development, self-care, and socialization.

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Speech Therapy, Westside Childrens Therapy

Speech Therapy

Facilitates children in establishing the speech and language language skills vital for effective communication.

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Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA)

Improves children’s behavior by decreasing problem behaviors and increasing functional skills.

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Westside Children's Therapy Behavioral Therapy

Neurofeedback (EEG)

Increases a child’s focus, attention, and self-regulation by teaching their brain waves to work together.

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Does your child need therapy

Does your child need therapy?

Checklists to help evaluate your child’s developmental progress through various ages.

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